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Air Spencer CS-X3 SQUASH

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Squash Vs. Citrus Review by Rob T.
I bought both Squash and citrus. This is what I found:
Scent - Squash smells just like the bubblegum in the center of a blow pop with a hint of citrus= smells oddly great/addictive, Citrus smells like lemon drops with some orange hints = nice but nothing special.
Strength - Squash is very strong...I keep the vents closed on the unit and my car always smells nice when I get in, and I'm a smoker. Citrus is weaker by far...I opened the vents full on the unit and It is not as noticeable in my car as the (vents closed) Squash. Very disappointing. If You prefer a subtle fragrance than Citrus is for you, but overall, the Squash is awesome, different, and you'll get compliments from most who ride in your vehicle.
These CS-X3 units are also great for bathrooms, living rooms, or anywhere you use air fresheners. They look very modern as well.
(Posted on 2/1/14)
Squash Scent Review by Allen
Well I have to say that I'm very pleased with the service that this business provides. Fantastic speedy shipping is just what I'm looking for on an online site. Let’s talk about the scent squash. To say the least it is not my favorite but it does get my car smelling fresh. The smell is kind of overwhelming and tends to give me a headache at times. The fruity spell that it produces is fine but it makes my car smell feminine. I am very satisfied with the item that I bought and I will be coming back to try new scents! (Posted on 11/1/12)
smells great - squash Review by lek
This product gets 5-stars although it's pretty strong once you open the package -- but that goes for any air freshener. Once the aroma of the freshener settles, it smells great and lasts for quite awhile. It also comes with double stick velcro where you can mount it right on the dash. I opted out of this because if set in direct sunlight, the cartridge won't last that long so I just stuck it in a random place, out of the sun. (Posted on 7/23/12)
Squash Review by Brandon H
Well i read all of the reviews and was a little skeptical about purchasing it...but me being me i bought it anyway

When i got it and first put it in my car i hated the smell it kinda of smelled like Irish spring soap, but after driving around the smell became less overwhelming and it leaves the car smelling crisp, and a slight sent of citrus...it makes my mouth water a little, kinda smells like bubblegum to......hm....
i say buy it because its a nice smell after it dies down a little, makes the car smell clean, i'm going to purchase the red one instead though just cause i like the smell of red:L yes red has a smell (Posted on 7/23/12)
Scott J Review by great product
I was looking for something that would last awhile without
going just a week and wasting my money. Well i read the reviews and spent the money for this. Well i have to say that im very pleased with the results. Like others have said before, It is very strong for the beginning but it last a long time. Im over a month and still It has a nice sent. The squash is a like bubble gum to me. I think I will order it again. (Posted on 7/23/12)
Excellent Air Freshener Review by AA DJ
The Squash Air Spencer CS-X3 Air Freshener is great smelling, high quality air freshener (it should be for the price). The case is made of plastic (apparently), the top grill looking quite like metal and the rest plastic. Inside the box you'll find the the case and inside is the Squash cartridge which is sealed in plastic to preserve the scent. Speaking of the scent, Squash smells much like Fruity Pebbles with hints of cirtus and is actually quite a pleasing scent. Also inside the box are two pieces of small sticky foam to hold your air freshener in place. The cartridge has a vent that can open and close, in my opinion the vent shouldn't be open all the way, with it open all the way the smell is too overpowering. Instead with the vent closed all the way the scent isn't overpowering and lasts much longer. Overall this air freshener is one of the best I have ever used (much better than Little Trees imo). (Posted on 7/23/12)
A brief, wondrous scent Review by Los Angeles
This car freshener smells damned good. It probably ranks up there as the best you can buy, losing a star only for how brief it lasts. I'm able to get about a good three to maybe four weeks of continuous scent from it. Part of the reason is due to the Southern California weather and the necessity to crack open a window occasionally (a black car doesn't help either). I imagine if you hole up your car this freshener could probably last a good two months, and this is based on 'continuous' scent. The smell in your car may remain afterwards depending on the weather, size of your cabin and the materials of your seats, etc.
The included container holds the cartridge in place, and included is an adhesive which holds the container onto whatever surface you choose. The freshener is pricey, with the cartridge refills costing practically the same as the entire package itself. I'm still uncertain whether or not it's entirely worth it, but the scent alone is something everyone needs to smell. (Posted on 7/23/12)
Best smelling auto air freshner ever Review by Sunny CA
THis by far the best smelling air freshner I have ever found.
It is called squash, but has more of a light citrus smell. (Posted on 7/23/12)
Squash Scent is Excellent!!!! Review by Srini
Everything that I wanted to say has been said below by "Nikos" in the previous review. I just want to recommend this Freshener to anyone who is looking for a simple and easy freshener to put in the car. This one is a simple box with a replaceable cartridge inside it that can be put anywhere inside the car. I usually put in in the slots underneath the passenger (front) seat. Highly Recommend to everyone who is considering it. My preference amongst the fragrances
1. Squash
2. Citrus
3. Crystal
4. Lemon (Posted on 7/23/12)
Great smelling air freshener! Review by Nikos
This air freshener is like a drug. Seems strong at first but becomes addictive shortly after.

Upon receiving the air freshener, it seemed extremely strong and I wasn't quite sure if I liked the way it smelled. I kept the adjustable vent completely closed and it was still strong enough for my car. After a short while, the scent started to become more and more addictive. To me, the squash scent smells like bubble gum or Fruity Pebbles cereal.

This unit comes with adhesive so that you can stick it to your dashboard, but leaving it under your seat (or anywhere else, really) is just as effective. The adjustable vent on mine is only on the first open position, and it still works well.

I've owned this unit for a couple of weeks now and, even though it's slightly open, it still smells great. If you're looking for a great smelling air freshener that will last, definitely give the Eikosha Air Spencer a shot! (Posted on 7/23/12)

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