• Bigger Broadway Mirror sometime is not better. It can interfere with the sun visor if it’s too wide.

• Bigger Broadway Mirror mean heavier, can cause the stock pivot to sag from pressure of the weight.

• Broadway Convex Mirror do allow more viewing angle. However, the objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

• Broadway Blue Tint Mirror is glare free reflection. Best suited for a really bright environment or if do a lot of night driving.

• Check your Broadway Mirror to make sure it sits properly against the stock mirror here and there because the vibration may cause it to separate.

• Often check your Broadway Mirror that the rubber pieces on the bottom bracket are there and before install. This rubber pieces are crucial as it help hold to the stock mirror.


• We don’t have any sample. But if you want to know what our customer favorite scent is, vote in the Favorite Scent to help you make a decision.

• Wipe area (flat surface recommended) where to be mount with rubbing alcohol, Windex, or nail polish and let try before apply the double-sided tape.

• Gently push the clip into your vent. Do not force the air freshener into the vent as hard pressure may break your vent.

• Use different scents every time you refill or swap out as your body will build tolerance. Smelling the same scent over and over, you will get use that scent and it may not smell as strong to you as it uses to be.

• If you’re a scent sensitive person but like our product line, choose the air freshener with on/off option to control the strength of the scent.

• Our air fresheners are made of different contents - Hard Gel, Soft Gel, Chalk, and Sponge. Different content is design for different ambient conditions. If you like the scent and it offered in different content, we recommend you try it all out to see what’s best for you (strength and duration) in your ambient conditions.

• Warm ambient conditions release stronger scent but shorter duration of the content. Cool ambient conditions release weaker scent but longer duration of the content.

• On/off or open/close option is to control the strength of the scent not it duration.
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